What is our approach?

Intera focuses on accelerating growth of its portfolio companies. Both organic and M&A-driven growth are in the core of Intera’s strategy. The aim is to considerably strengthen the strategic position of portfolio companies, which is often supported by international expansion during Intera’s ownership.

Portfolio company management teams have a key role in reaching the objectives for growth. Intera supports the management teams with all possible means. Portfolio company management will always have a significant ownership in their company. Management ownership is structured individually for each investment to fit the investment situation and growth phase of the company.

Intera´s role is to ensure implementation of the business strategy formulated for each portfolio company and provide the portfolio companies with access to capital. Execution of the strategy is supported through intensive and professional board work. Together with its entrepreneurial partners Intera recruits a competent board of directors with relevant experience and fit to the growth phase of the individual company.

Intera can add value especially in demanding transformative situations, such as major acquisitions, industry restructurings and generational shifts. Intera´s investment professionals have been involved in creating a number of corporate success stories together with successful entrepreneurs.

Investment situations

  • Funding growth and acquisitions
  • Industry consolidation
  • Ownership restructuring in family-owned companies
  • Divestment of non-core operations from larger corporates

Investment criteria

  • Industry, where target company has an opportunity for rapid growth and reaching a significant market position
  • Company sales between €10 – 200 million
  • Predictable positive cash flow
  • Possibility to acquire majority ownership alone or with co-investors

Sustainable investing

Intera works with Environmental, Social and Governance issues (ESG) as an integrated part of our commitment to create sustainable value as an active owner. Our work with ESG issues is pragmatic, adaptable and transparent which we believe is the best way to create value for both our investors and society as a whole.

Intera is committed to sustainable investing. As a private equity company, our primary impact on society and environment comes through our portfolio companies. Therefore, it is of great importance that Environmental, Social and Governance issues (ESG) are considered as a part of our investment process and that all our portfolio companies live up to high standards and expectations when it comes to managing ESG. The ESG work of the portfolio companies is transparent, pragmatic and adapted to the respective companies and their industries.

Most companies in our portfolio are small or medium in size, and are not necessarily used to systematic ESG work. This means that establishing good practice regarding ESG is a journey, which is started with the acquisition, and goes on until and after our exit from the company.

Acquirers of Intera’s portfolio companies, whether they’re larger PE investors or industrial corporations, set increasingly stringent ESG requirements on their acquisition targets. Therefore, positive ESG development in Intera’s portfolio companies has positive impact on exit valuations as well.

In the risk management and development of the individual portfolio companies, Intera has decided to use ISO 26000 as a framework. ISO 26000 is a standard that gives guidance on how to integrate practices of ESG in businesses that can be adapted to the reality of any organization.

ISO 26000 has the following 7 core subjects:

  • Organizational governance
  • Human rights
  • Labor practices
  • The environment
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer Issues
  • Community involvement and development