Petteri Saarinen

Senior advisor
Joined Intera 2014
Work experience Former CEO of Marioff, founder of Endeco
Current investments Merivaara, Trafotek, Sitowise, Prevent 360

I have gathered almost 20 years of broad international experience on leadership and business development in various strategic and operational roles at global conglomerates, private equity owned companies as well as family companies.

I have extensive personal hands-on experience on leadership of the family company’s business, achieving fast international growth, involving the Private Equity Investor, leading the portfolio company to an undisputed global market leader position, and eventually managing the company’s successful exit to an American stock listed conglomerate. Along the way I have gained experience also on M&A activities and valuable multi-cultural understanding from all continents within different business segments.

In recent years I have also worked as an entrepreneur providing industrial advice for growth companies and private equity firms. In addition I have taken temporary assignments for various interim CEO positions. At the moment I am the Chairman of the Board at Intera’s portfolio company Trafotek and a board member at Merivaara.